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The energy of our employees doing and moving forward are key, dominant factors expressed in all we do – iterations, current and future.

Collectively and individually we are constantly evolving and continually bursting out of our comfort zones. We Create Here – value for our communities.

Creating here means you’ll be surrounded by really bright, fun, caring and constructive individuals – creating value as a team.

Our ecosystem is comprised of: well-rounded Journalist – Storytellers – Creative Types – Artist – Community & Network Builders – Producers – Sales and Marketing Gurus – Market Research Experts – Brand & Product Developers – Techy Types – Designers – Specialist of Customers & Clients – Digital & Social Media Experts  – Commercial Printing Specialists

We believe and are dedicated to:

  • Being Different – Continual evaluation of what we do and why we do it.
  • Being Better – Actively choosing to do things better and asking if what we do brings value.
  • Inspiring – Energize and motivate those around you.
  • Collaborating – Open, constructive, collaborative and democratic culture.
  • Earning Leadership – Be authentic and earn respect and trust of our communities.

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Living In The Creative Corridor

Why We Create Here – Iowa’s Creative Corridor from The Creative Corridor Project on Vimeo.

Our Culture

Our roots are deeply seeded in our origins as a newspaper company. Over the years we have adapted and become an active member of the Eastern Iowa community. We get to see the evolution every day. Who we are today is a far cry from where we began and we are proud of who we are today. Shaped by our values (COMMUNITY CULTIVATION, COURAGE, AGILITY, CREATIVITY and TRANSFORMATION) we are excited to see who we will become tomorrow.

We Are

A 130 year old company with strong ties to the community. We know that our employees embody our company’s ownership culture. Our employees are:

  • Diverse
  • Passionate
  • Intelligent
  • Connected
  • Innovative

Needless to say we’re much more than a media company. We invite you to come work with us to see what working for The Gazette Company really means.

We Are Not

We’re proud of our history, but we’re not defined by it. The Gazette Company is not:

  • Just a Newspaper company or printing company or a digital advertising agency
  • Boring
  • Conventional
  • One dimensional
  • Outdated

Come see what we mean. Apply for a job today and see what it means to be much more than “just a newspaper company”.


Check Out Our Benefits

When it comes to benefits, The Gazette Company is refreshingly old-fashioned. While other companies are shrinking medical, retirement, and other so-called “extra,” benefits, The Gazette Company considers benefits essential to your well-being. So when we say “comprehensive benefits package,” we really mean it. Some benefits start right away, while others start throughout the first year of employment. Even part-timers can qualify for benefits.

The Gazette Company Benefits