Dylan M. – Sports Intern:

“My goals were to able to get out and cover as many different types of things as I could. I felt that goal was achieved because I was trusted to go out and cover many different types of events throughout the summer.”

“Yes, I was allowed to make decisions on stories I wrote and was given constructive criticism when it was needed.”

“I gained more experience in shooting video for television. I also practiced writing stories in a quicker time period and finding clear angles for the stories I was assigned.”

“I was very grateful to earn an internship here this summer and the experiences I have had here will be a great asset when I go back to school and beyond.”


Kelsey K. – Multimedia Intern:

“My main goal was to become a more well rounded multimedia journalist. I think I achieved that goal. I was shooting and editing videos almost everyday and before this internship making a video piece seemed like a really big endeavor. I’ve also had the opportunity to do more than just shooting video which I think also gets me closer to being a stronger multimedia journalist.”

“I do think what I was doing at this internship was valuable. Looking back I do not think I would have been prepared for a job at a newspaper, but I feel much more prepared now. I also never took a course in multimedia so I feel like this was a very beneficial experience because I think it is a very necessary skill to learn.”

“I was a little surprised – but in a good way – by the amount of responsibility I was given. I did not think I would have so much. I felt like I was covering relevant stories from day one and was given a lot of flexibly in finding story ideas.”


Lindsay G.-J. – Web media Intern

“My goals were to learn about how print translates online and how social media has an effect on readership. I feel like I achieved these goals because I was able to learn the process of translating the newspaper online everyday and I also learned how to interact with readers online. A lot of our readers consistently look at their Facebook feed for information, so I learned and experienced that our readers check hourly updates and are more willing to interact with us online.”

“I think what was most satisfying about my internship was that I was able to control the website, and not to say that I completely took it over, but after training I was able to monitor and post and manage the website by myself on the weekends. I learned more about organization during that time and especially on Saturday’s when people called (seemingly) the most, I was able to help them learn about what was happening in Cedar Rapids and where they could find information because I was completely immersed in it. I wasn’t restricted from programs or anything that would hinder me from helping a reader. I felt like I was truly part of the team.”

“I do feel like I gained a lot. Not only was I able to network, I was also able to recognize what I want in my future career and how much I truly enjoy being in a newsroom. When the San Francisco crash happened, I was the only one working for the web team working that Saturday, so it was so incredibly exciting to be there, in a newsroom, working a breaking news event and knowing that I’m one of the people that is helping push information out onto the public. I think it not only reaffirmed my love for journalism, but also allowed me to put my courses to work. I learned a lot in my classes that I directly applied to this position, and I learned a lot from this position that I will directly apply to my courses. As Editor-in-Chief of National Association of Black Journalists, I realized that we were making a mistake by not getting directly involved in social media, and I am changing that. Without this internship and the learning experiences I’ve had here, I don’t think I would have taken that next step in multimedia reporting.”

“Yes! I loved everyone I worked with, they were incredibly nice and willing to learn about me and help me with anything I had a question about. Once, I locked my car keys in my car but I thought I lost them in the newsroom and everyone working the night shift had helped me search! I was even given a ride home when I couldn’t find them and my supervisor made sure that my car didn’t get towed and was covered for the day, until I could get my keys. It was great, and I think working for any business that takes the time to help you is a great one. I learned so much and was really involved, but I wasn’t stressed out about any of my work at the same time.”


Katie K. – Multimedia Intern:

“I felt that I needed I bolster my experience as a videographer and journalist in a professional environment and I absolutely believe those goals were met.”

“The opportunity to pitch my own stories and write them and edit them and be involved in every part of the process.”

“I feel like I was given a broad range of responsibilities and they definitely challenged me and gave me room to grow”


Nikole H. – Photojournalist, Newspaper intern:

“I feel I was given a significant amount of responsibility. I was responsible for myself and if something went wrong I was accountable. I personally think this is the correct way to teach an intern. Journalism doesn’t sugar coat anything and the photographers don’t either. They were very good about not just giving criticism, but constructive criticism.”

“I would highly recomend this internship, (and have)The team there is great and will do anything to help you out without smothering you. They really give you space to grow but offer support.”

“The most satisfying aspect of my internship was meeting the people out on the stories. It was fun to see the impact of what we did. I also enjoyed seeing my completed work on TV.”