About Us

The Gazette Company is a unique and multi-faceted local media company fully engaged with the communities we serve through print, online media, digital marketing and creative production and design.

 With over 130 years of experience exploring, engaging and informing our communities, we strive to be successful as we are reaching out to a world that is moving into a networked age of co-creation.

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Our vision is cultivating communities and building commerce in a hyper-connected world. We build our future by providing context, facilitating understanding and fostering connections through a variety of media channels. In order to do that, we must live what we truly value: COMMUNITY CULTIVATION, COURAGE, AGILITY, CREATIVITY and TRANSFORMATION.

  • Community Cultivation: We are active agents in discovering, connecting and promoting our communities and building trust in our efforts.
  • Courage: We relentlessly pursue our vision in the face of challenge and adversity.
  • Agility: We quickly adjust and change to capitalize on opportunities in emerging environments.
  • Creativity: We demonstrate our ability to transcend traditional ideas, patterns and relationships to produce fun, imaginative and meaningful ideas.
  • Transformation: We show our desire and ability to imagine and create a new future.

What makes us a successful, unique and multi-faceted local media company? We are driven by our beliefs and the results of our actions are to the benefit of our communities. We believe we inspire, collaborate and earn leadership:

Inspire: We actively engage in a culture that is energizing, motivating and inspiring to our employees, the people that live in our communities and local commerce we help grow. This fosters and supports our regional ecosystem in Iowa’s Creative Corridor where we make new things happen.

Collaborate: We champion an ownership culture – open, collaborative, and democratic. Collaboration cultivates a team-oriented environment, void of creative firewalls, eliciting spirited and fearless exploration that leads to influential, problem-solving ideas that benefit our communities.

Earn Leadership: By continually and relentlessly advancing with integrity and dependability the meaningful benefits of our products and services we will earn the respect and trust of our communities.

Please explore The Gazette Company. Learn more about us, connect with us and engage with us. This will be fun!

Want to Work Together?

The Gazette Company has a long, rich history as Eastern Iowa’s largest media company, and we are irrevocably connected to the diverse and vibrant communities we serve. Starting over 130 years ago as a local newspaper, we have evolved and adopted every new communications medium invented – from newspapers to radio to television to the web. That tradition continues with Fusionfarm, a digital marketing and creative agency and Color Web Printers, our full service commercial printing division with state of the art digital capabilities. We look for bright, enthusiastic and caring individuals to join our company and co-create our future.

We are an Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) company and we genuinely care about the health and happiness of our employees. Our benefits reflect our commitment, covering health, dental and vision insurance, offering employee stock ownership, and ample time off for rest and relaxation — even for part-timers. We find time to play at work, too, with picnics, fitness contests, chair massages and more.

As a community partner, we believe in giving back. We encourage our employees to get involved with community organizations and to give of their time and talent.

If you are considering a career change or just looking for new employer, please consider joining our team!

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