News inquiry explores a new socio-economic narrative in Cedar Rapids

The Gazette Company’s Our Voice newsroom is launching a news inquiry to discover a new socio-economic narrative in Cedar Rapids.

In addition to engaging team members within The Gazette Company, we are looking to connect with community members such as organization leaders, energized advocates and grassroots community members.

The inquiry will look to explore possibilities for The Gazette Company, introduce people to one another and connect their ideas.

The intention is to lift the eyes of all interviewees up from their own desks and begin from a more elevated vantage point. Through the resulting stories and narratives there is a hope to build context, understanding and connection.

The dialogue is intended to discover what’s already working and what possibilities there are for creating something new — new partnerships, projects and stories — and how to make those possibilities real in the community.

We are looking to ask questions like: When have you seen the community at its best? What elements were present that made that moment possible? When you think of the role a news organization could play, how can you imagine The Gazette Company’s role in making this happen on a huge scale?

If you would like to participate in this series, or have someone in mind for us to reach out to, we invite you to contact the newsroom: or call 705-741-4421 ext. 26.

Writer: Jennifer Neutel

(Featured image photo by Paul Sableman)

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If you have a story to tell, or see someone whose story you would like to see amplified write to with a line or two about your idea. Someone will get in touch with you. After a short interview a story will be fashioned and shared.

These stories are part of an open exploration of the personalities and possibilities present in The Gazette Company and its partnerships. Articles appearing here are produced on behalf of The Gazette Company by a third-party communications company, Axiom News, and do not necessarily represent the products or the opinion of The Gazette Company. They are intended to amplify authentic voices as the company discovers anew its gifts and future.